Zurich Finance Corporation Entrusts Telco Data Credit Scoring to FinScore

Zurich Finance Corporation, a financing company with area of operations that covers all of CALABARZON (Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon) as well as the whole Mindoro island, forges a partnership with FinScore for Telco Data Credit Scoring and Fraud Flagging.

Zurich Finance Corporation offers loans to creditworthy individuals and organizations in municipalities in Batangas and Quezon Province. At present, Zurich Finance Corporation has a Partnership Agreement with Venture Motorcycle Sales Corporation, with its Central Office located in Iyam, Lucena City. 

While selling motorcycles, Zurich Finance Corporation supports the financing needs of its customers in order to cater to their various capacities to pay, providing them with a deferred manner of paying their obligations thru a continuously developing array of payment channels, with competitive interest rates suited to the terms they choose. 

To make their financial services available to the underserved segments and decrease loan defaults, Zurich Finance Corporation employs FinScore’s credit scoring and fraud flagging services.

The alternative data scoring and analytics company is the pioneer in the Philippines in scoring individuals with no to little credit history. FinScore prides itself on releasing the ACE Scoring Portal, a digital solution that runs in FinScore’s proprietary, highly-predictive Telco Credit Scoring Technology. Telco data is based on over four hundred (400) telco variables such as data and voice usage, top-up patterns, location, and device data. Also, FinScore machine learning algorithms are using cutting-edge technologies, such as Gradient Boosting and Neuron Networks. The score is retrieved via ACE Scoring Portal in less than one (1) second, providing instant and easily accessible credit scoring results at any time.

Moreover, FinScore’s fraud detection tools will allow Zurich Finance Corporation to verify the authenticity of their applicant’s declared residential address and contact persons. Combined with their customer’s traditional data, the power of alternative data as made possible by FinScore will help Zurich Finance’s loan processors to have more informed and insightful credit decisions and decreasing loan defaults in effect.

About Zurich Finance Corporation

Zurich Finance Corporation is an SEC Registered Financing Company, established in the year 2017 and started operations in November 20, 2017, which offers financing services to creditworthy individuals and organizations governed and regulated by existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines under generally accepted financing principles and practices. Their Central Office is located at Ventura Center II, J.P. Laurel Highway, Lipa City. 

For more information, visit their Facebook page or send an e-mail to sayhello@zurichfinance.com.ph. 

About FinScore

FinScore is an alternative credit scoring company that offers a powerful credit scoring platform and fraud detection tool based on alternative data, including telco-based data. As the pioneer in lending and scoring of the unbanked in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, we continuously empower banks, financial institutions, and credit bureaus with flexible platforms to help them make insightful and reliable credit decisions.

For more information about FinScore, please visit www.finscore.ph and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for the latest news.

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FinScore is a financial technology company in the Philippines that offers a powerful credit scoring platform and fraud detection tools based on alternative data, including telco-based data. 

As the pioneer in lending and scoring of the unbanked, we continuously provide fintech services that empower financial institutions, banks, and credit bureaus with flexible platforms to help them make insightful and reliable credit decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions for financial institutions.