Make insightful and reliable
credit decisions with finscore

Telco Data Scoring and Fraud Detection Solutions

Make Insightful and Reliable Credit Decisions with FinScore

Many consumers in the Philippines are credit invisible because they don’t have access to banking systems. In turn, businesses can’t tap into the credit potential of the unbanked. A new generation of fintech companies, including FinScore, is trying to close that gap with telco data.

With FinScore, we analyze 400+ telco data variables such as SMS, top-up, top 10 contacts list, location, voice, and mobile data usage, so we can predict their creditworthiness.

When analyzed over months and with other signals, FinScore can accurately predict the user’s overall creditworthiness. Our geo-location fraud tools also break down the Internet’s barriers to anonymity, our safeguard against fraud and other online security issues.

Make Insightful and Reliable Credit Decisions with FinScore
unleash the power of alternative data with credit scoring systems

At FinScore, we unleash the power of alternative data with our credit scoring systems and fraud detection solutions. We’ll help you make smarter decisions by determining the creditworthiness of potential customers without credit history. With cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology, we enable you to serve the credit-worthy unbanked segment of the population and ultimately grow your customer base.

Our Products

FinScore_5BandTelco Data Score


Built on various MNO data sources – more than 400 telco data variables (data and voice usage, top-up patterns, location and device data, and many more) to effectively predict a customer’s creditworthiness. 

Derived by the most advanced machine learning algorithms, the Telco Credit Score has extremely high predictive power and can be used as either a standalone model or in a combination with existing Social-Demographic and/or Credit Bureau models. The score enables a partner to address an uncharted market segment as it offers a unique data source as well as get better discrimination for the current market segment it serves.  

The Score can be used for different products – purpose-bound loans, cash loans, airtime loans, credit cards, and more.

FindSocial by FinScore


Get the most comprehensive social media lookup available with data from 20+ social media sites, including user avatar and profile info in a simple interface.

FindSocial provides instant, near real-time information that would take a tremendous amount of time to collect manually. It is a strong fraud indicator that will help you make better credit decisions.

FinScore_Geo Location Fraud Flagger


The Geo-location Fraud Flag is derived from FinScore’s ability to match the applicant’s declared living address versus various geo-locations detected by the mobile operator.

This extremely powerful fraud indicator gives insights regarding the truthfulness of the applicant when providing his contact details. It also helps with collection efforts once a loan is granted.

The Geo-location Fraud Flag is used for assessing the applicant’s truthfulness when providing personal address details during loan application, the flag can be obtained via API inquiry or through FinScore’s ACE Portal.

FinScore_Contact Person Fraud Flag


The Contact Person Fraud Flag is a powerful fraud indicator that leverages on Telco data and compares the applicant’s Contact Person cellphone number with the applicant’s most often called numbers, texted numbers to which the applicant recently sent load (airtime).

Whether or not the Contact Person’s number is among the most often called numbers tells a lot about how willing the applicant is to disclose personal information.

The Contact Person Fraud Flag is used for assessing the applicant’s truthfulness when providing contact person details during loan application, the flag can be obtained by inquiry via API call or through FinScore’s ACE Portal. The response is based on real-time data and will be produced within a few seconds.

FinScore_Social Circle Fraud Flagging


The Social Circle Fraud Flag is a powerful fraud indicator that compares the applicant’s most contacted cellphone numbers with an existing Fraud list/Blacklist provided by a partner. The Flag requires the Partner to share with FinScore a list of already identified fraudsters. FinScore will use that list to match it with the most often contacted number by the applicant.

The Social Circle Fraud Flag will immediately identify links between an applicant and already identified fraudsters. Whether or not the applicant has called, texted, or sent load to an identified fraudster could be a strong reason for rejection.

FinScore_Customer Record Profile


The Customer Record Profile by FinScore consists of several grouped key telco metrics based on subscription type, time with operator, SMS, top-up, mobile data, and days between activities while simultaneously ensuring user privacy is fully protected.

This can be used for marketing analytics, segmentation and profiling, basic credit scoring model creation, and fraud prevention.



Extend credit to more unbanked loan applicants and decrease default rates by having an extra insights view of your loan applicants. CrediView features add-on Flags based on Telco Scoring inquiries by over 20+ lenders on the Philippine market.

CrediView collects data from member contributors, analyzes data, and produces valuable insights.

KYC Base Check


Assess applicants and identify fraudulent accounts with KYC Base Check. It is a fraud prevention tool that cross-checks an individual’s personal data in The Philippines, such as name, date of birth, ID number, address, ID type, and ID number against multiple external databases.

A reliable KYC tool, KYC Base Check can capture background check reports for both individuals and businesses.

Let us help you make better credit decisions today.


    FinScore is a financial technology company in the Philippines that offers a powerful credit scoring platform and fraud detection tools based on alternative data, including telco-based data. 

    As the pioneer in lending and scoring of the unbanked, we continuously provide fintech services that empower financial institutions, banks, and credit bureaus with flexible platforms to help them make insightful and reliable credit decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions for financial institutions.


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