LF Lending Services Modernizes Credit Scoring Process with FinScore’s Alternative Telco Data

MANILA, Philippines, 10 May 2023 — Manila-based LF Lending Services is on the verge of digital transformation, starting with the integration of telco data into existing credit decisioning models. Unique insights from telco data allow LF Lending to predict repayment behaviors with improved speed and accuracy. Telco data, as supplied by alternative data aggregator FinScore, serves as proof of creditworthiness for thin-file borrowers who may not have a bank account or credit history.

FinScore Country Manager Christo Georgiev champions telco data saying, “It acts as a reliable basis for financial institutions to finally serve the underbanked credit market.” He continues: “Most people who seek LF Lending’s help are working parents who need quick cash for tuition, gadgets, and medical emergencies – and a majority of this segment is underbanked. Using a scoring model based on telco data empowers LF Lending to approve more loan applications from the ‘credit-invisible’ with reduced risk on their end.”

Despite the inconveniences of being a one-branch-only lender, LF Lending boasts of high customer retention rates. “They always come back,” confirms Paolo Lagcao, General Manager and Co-Founder of LF Lending Services. “Our interest rates – not usurious, our application process – simple, and our customer service is honed to an art form. But traditional credit scoring disqualifies more than it is inclusive. We partnered with FinScore because its alternative Telco Credit Scoring delivers fair and unbiased insights for safe credit decisioning. We lose less as we help more people.”

LF Lending is a family-owned business, initially operated by Lagcao’s grandparents over 20 years ago. Now at the helm, Lagcao promises to usher in a new dawn for the company: “There’s always room for improvement. As we boldly take our first steps towards digital transformation, we are glad to be walking down the path with FinScore.”

About LF Lending

LF Lending Services Corporation is a privately held company founded for the sole purpose of providing Filipinos with easily accessible loans.

LF Lending strives to extend an alternative credit option outside the traditional banks while breaking the stigma that non-bank lenders only charge usurious rates. All LF Lending services include short-term multi-purpose loans with rates that are reasonably priced, ensuring every client has been properly evaluated and amortizations are proportionate.

With over 20+ years of experience in the industry, LF Lending is seasoned to cater to the growing demand of consumer financing – one Filipino at a time.

For more information, please visit www.lflendingservices.com

About FinScore

FinScore is a leading fintech company and credit score provider in the Philippines, providing innovative scoring solutions to the dynamic needs of banks, financial institutions, and credit bureaus. FinScore’s telco data credit scoring in the Philippines allows institutions to offer better services to existing customers, attract new ones, and approach untapped market segments. Through their Telco Scoring model, FinScore provides insights based on 400+ variables, including top-up patterns, voice, and mobile data usage, duration of calls, SIM card age, and many more.

For more information, please visit www.finscore.ph or follow us on LinkedIn.

Media Contact
Miggy Villanueva,
Senior Marketing Manager, FinScore

FinScore is a financial technology company in the Philippines that offers a powerful credit scoring platform and fraud detection tools based on alternative data, including telco-based data. 

As the pioneer in lending and scoring of the unbanked, we continuously provide fintech services that empower financial institutions, banks, and credit bureaus with flexible platforms to help them make insightful and reliable credit decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions for financial institutions.