Identity Verification Software Solutions with KYC Base Check

Swiftly identify and mitigate fraud risks in real-time with KYC Base Check, FinScore’s robust fraud background check tool.

Identity verification solutions
Why is telco data powerful in determining credit worthiness?

Elevate Security with Advanced ID Fraud Detection

In today’s digital age, identity fraud is escalating, driven by sophisticated schemes that traditional verification methods struggle to counter. According to TransUnion, the Philippines had an 8.7% digital fraud rate in 2022, ranking third worldwide and higher than the global average. To combat increasingly sophisticated fraud, businesses must use effective tools to detect fraud early while maintaining a seamless consumer experience.

FinScore’s KYC Base Check, an innovative identity check software, offers a cutting-edge solution to this growing challenge. Utilizing real-time validation and comprehensive fraud background checks, it empowers clients to detect and prevent identity fraud effectively. By leveraging unique data analysis and ID fraud detection capabilities, this software addresses the urgent need for secure, reliable identity verification in the Philippines.

Streamline Identity Verification with Cutting-Edge Technology

The KYC Base Check harnesses advanced identity verification software to streamline the process of assessing applicants and identifying fraudulent accounts.

By cross-checking personal data against authoritative databases, including SSS and TIN ID records, this service offers real-time identity validation. Its multifaceted approach combines document checks, database analyses, and leading biometric technologies to ensure the person’s presence, authenticity of documentation, and rightful ownership. This comprehensive method significantly enhances fraud detection and prevention capabilities.

Identity verification technology

Make Your Operations More Precise in ID Verification


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KYC Base Check

Key Advantages of KYC Base Check

Instantaneous Real-Time Identity Validation

Ensures immediate confirmation of user identities.

Streamlined Automated Background Checks

Simplifies and accelerates the background verification process.

Fraud Detection Using SSS and TIN IDs

Utilizes government IDs to identify fraudulent activities.

Proactive Fraud Prevention Through Uncovering Negative Records

Actively searches for adverse findings to prevent fraud.

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