Scoring Topics

How is credit score calculated?

For credit scoring in the Philippines, banks, credit companies, and lending companies look for the borrower’s past behaviour in the financial system such as availed loan products or credit cards, loan and credit payment promptness, income, and employment status. These are traditional data for credit scoring.


With FinScore, our credit score is based on alternative data, including Telco data. Telco credit score focuses on the borrower’s mobile phone behavior, specifically with their mobile network. We measure their average top-up amount, subscription duration, and more.

What are your fraud-prevention tools?

Finscore’s fraud prevention tools use Telco data to verify some of the information disclosed by the loan applicant. We offer different ways to know if an application is fraudulent or not.

How much do I need to pay for the service?

The cost of our services depends on the products availed, volume of requests, and duration of service.


Our business development team will be more than happy to discuss our standard rates and create a tailor-made proposal. Feel free to send an e-mail