Lending Topics

Can Finscore guarantee the grant of the loan?

No, Finscore does not guarantee the loan grant. The loan risk is entirely handled by the lending company.

How long does it take to process data?

It takes less than 1 second to return a score to our clients.

How can my company benefit from your service?

Whether you’re a traditonal bank, a credit bureau, or consumer loan company, Finscore’s credit scoring and fraud prevention tools, in general, can help your company in decreasing your default rate while increasing your approval rate. That means lower losses and higher profitability.


However, our business development team is more than willing to help you how to fully reap the benefits of FinScore’s data-driven solutions. Please do not hesitate to directly contact us so we can schedule a meeting with you in your most convenient time.

I'd like to try it first. Do you have a trial version?

Offering free trial is not commercially viable since it incur costs with our partners. We are conducting a proof of concept (POC) so that clients can apply the predictive power of our products to their company.