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Innovative Fraud Management and Detection Solutions

Technology has made transactions and digital credit scoring more convenient, but it has also provided another channel for fraudsters to easily commit identity theft and synthetic fraud when applying for savings accounts, loans, and other banking products. There’s no limit to the variations in fraudulent loan applications, including:

  • Identity: Usage of stolen or synthetic identity composed of seemingly legitimate personal details and credit data.
  • Straw borrower: An applicant with a poor credit file can convince relatives or friends with healthy credit scores to borrow on their behalf.
  • Income: Intentional misrepresentation of the existence, source, or amount of income.
  • Employment: Failure to verify employment.
  • Undisclosed debt: Failure to disclose past or current debts.
  • Property value: International misrepresentation of property assets to improve the terms of the deal.

Relying on traditional sources of customer data information can lead to fraudulent practices getting overlooked in credit and loan applications. Even a CIC credit report can be rigged by the more sophisticated fraudsters. This is why alternative fraud detection solutions, such as geo location fraud tools, have become top priority for banks and financial institutions in the Philippines.

Make Insightful and Reliable Credit Decisions with FinScore
Why is telco data powerful in determining credit worthiness?

How do lending companies in the Philippines use alternative data detect fraud?

Alternative data refers to information that cannot be acquired from credit bureaus or from the application process itself, which are two primary sources of data used by firms in the financial services industry. Alternative data includes telco data, which can be a key factor in the decision-making process of determining the creditworthiness of an individual.

Many lending companies in the Philippines have started adopting telco data-based fraud verification and authentication solutions to reduce fraudulent loan and credit card applications. The fraud detection tools help distinguish fraudulent from legitimate transactions by evaluating factors such as online activity of customers their geo-locations.

FinScore’s Fraud Verification Tools

FinScore helps banks, lenders, and other financial firms distinguish fraudulent from legitimate transactions. We do this by leveraging alternative telco data such as geo-locationtags, frequency of calls, and digital presence data.

Take a look at our range of fraud verification tools:

Geo Location Fraud Tool

The Geo-Location Fraud Flag is derived from the ability of FinScore to match an applicant's declared residential address versus the various geo-locations detected by the telco provider. It's an extremely insightful fraud detection tool that will help you determine the honesty of an applicant when providing contact details during loan applications.

Contact Person Fraud Tool

The Contact Person Fraud Flag leverages on telco data to compare the applicant's Contact Person mobile number with the applicant's most often texted and called numbers. This can be used to assess the applicant's honesty when providing Contact Person details when they're applying for a loan.

Social Circle Fraud Tool

The Social Circle Fraud Flag is a powerful fraud detection tool that compares an applicant's most often contacted mobile numbers with an existing Blacklist/Fraudlist provided by a partner. This tool requires partners to share their list of already identified fraudsters with us and then we'll use the list to see if any names match with the applicant's most often contacted number. The Social Circle fraud tool immediately identifies links between applicants and notorious or previously identified fraudsters. As long as the applicant has texted, called, or sent load to a known fraudster, this can be a strong reason for rejection.

FinScore’s Fraud Detection Solution: FindSocial

If there’s one thing that online lenders, banks, insurances, e-commerce sites, and e-payments have in common is that fraud is one their biggest enemies. As your customer base increases, your mobile transactions increase, and so do fraud attacks.

Synthetic identities, bot attacks, and fraud network attacks — preventing these has become more crucial than ever. And that means you will need to use a fraud prevention solution that is reliable and fast enough to defend your business and real customers. But where can you get such data sources without burning too many resources?

FindSocial can help you to defend and grow your business with the fastest and most comprehensive Social Media Lookup and Scoring Tool based on social media data. 

  • Confirm identity with an e-mail address and/or mobile number
  • Check over 20 social media platforms
  • Get an instant look at a customer’s digital presence using near-real-time social media data
  • Easy to use: access through FindSocial Web Portal or integrate using API

A Look Into FinScore’s Fraud Detection Process

Curious to see how we use alternative data to help in fraud verification? We’ve outlined the steps and features so you can leverage the power of Telco Data Analytics in your fraud verification process.

How it works

1. The financial institution (online lending platform in the Philippines, payday loan company, consumer credit company, buy now pay later platform, etc.) uses FinScore Alternative Credit Evaluation (ACE) Portal or FinScore API to input their loan applicant’s declared mobile number.

2. FinScore’s AI and Machine Learning Technology will perform lightning-fast analysis based on over 400+ telco data variables such as geo-location (barangay-level), call frequency and duration to top contacts, and much more to produce a result for the geo-location fraud tool and contact person fraud tool. 

3. For Social Circle Fraud Tool, FinScore will use the loan applicant’s declared mobile number’s top contacted person and scan through the financial institution’s own existing fraud list or blacklisted mobile numbers.

If you are interest to see the live view of the results, contact us.



Benefits of Using FinScore’s Alternative
Data and Fraud Detection Services

Whether you’re a traditional bank, a consumer loan company, or a credit bureau, FinScore’s fraud prevention and detection services can help your company increase approval rate and decrease your default rate. We’ll help you identify high-value legitimate customer segments from false and synthetic identities, income and employment misrepresentation, straw buyers, and other types of fraud – including those with a seemingly legitimate CIC credit report. This means lower losses and higher profitability for your institution.

More than 15 companies in the Philippines trust us for our digital credit scoring and fraud prevention tools. They’re comprised of large consumer banks, digital banks, thrift banks, consumer lenders, and digital lending platforms. You too can counter any damage done by fraudulent loan applications when you partner with FinScore.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can fully reap the benefits of our telco data driven geo-location fraud tools and other solutions. Reach out to us and we’ll schedule a meeting at your most convenient time.

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