FinScore Delivers Individual Credit Scores to Mass Market Through CIC and CRIF

MANILA, Philippines, 28 April 2023 — Your credit information is now at your fingertips.

Alternative Credit Scoring leader FinScore launches its online credit score delivery portal. In a robust integration with the Credit Information Corporation (CIC) and CRIF, this digital solution provides a convenient alternative to the traditionally arduous process of obtaining a personal credit report.

“No more long lines and trips to the credit office,” exclaims FinScore Country Manager and COO Christo Georgiev. “Everything can be processed online. So why not credit scores? For as long as we’ve been online, we’ve been entertaining massive traffic of people asking about their personal credit reports. The demand was always there. It took us some time to develop a solution for the market – but we’re here now, due in large part to CIC and CRIF. As the Alternative Credit Scoring leader in the country, catering to both B2B and B2C needs was of the essence.”

FinScore’s business portfolio primarily caters to banks, lenders, and other financial institutions. Its flagship product, Telco Credit Scoring, offers businesses critical insight into consumer creditworthiness based on over 400 telecommunication variables including texting usage, top-up patterns, duration of calls, SIM card age, location, and more. With the launch of the online credit score delivery portal, FinScore officially enters the retail market. The portal can be accessed through the FinScore website. It promises quick results in just a few clicks.

At the heart of this exciting venture is CRIF. In producing their credit information, they draw traditional data from the CIC and alternative telco data from FinScore. “From the beginning, we recognized that FinScore was generating a demand that only CIC could provide. These players have been two of our longest and most reliable partners. So, we thought – why not collaborate? Working together to provide credit score-on-demand is not only a huge market opportunity, but a massive improvement to quality of life,” explains Simone Colombara, Regional Manager for CRIF in Southeast Asia.

“A key aspect of CIC’s mandate is accessibility,” adds Atty. Ben Joshua A. Baltazar, President and CEO at CIC. “When CRIF pitched the idea of working with FinScore, the answer was obvious. This partnership gives Filipinos an additional avenue towards knowing their credit score. If consumers can easily check their credit scores, they can make more informed decisions when applying for necessary financial services or even challenge unfair assessments or quotations. Think of online as the newest and nearest CIC branch.”

About CRIF

CRIF is a global leader in credit bureau, business information, and credit risk solutions. CRIF elevates businesses to the next level with an expert blend of data and analytics. Through data-driven insights, CRIF empowers businesses to make confident, sustainable decisions across the credit life cycle, while mitigating risk and fueling growth.

Headquartered in Italy with more than 6,000 professionals worldwide, CRIF operates in 40 countries across four continents. It has a strong presence in Asia with regional headquarters in Hong Kong SAR and Singapore, as well as offices in key cities including Beijing, Bishkek, Cebu, Dushanbe, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Mumbai, Pune, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Taichung, Tashkent and Zhongli. For more information, visit

About CIC

The Credit Information Corporation (CIC) receives, consolidates, and produces reliable credit information at low costs in accordance with the Republic Act No. 9510 and Credit Information Systems Act (CISA) of 2008. The CIC contributes to stronger decision-making and risk management within the Philippine credit ecosystem. Their insights help reduce the overall cost of credit and reliance on collateral, protect consumer rights, and contribute to fair and inclusive credit access to all Filipinos. For more information, visit

About FinScore

FinScore is a leading fintech company and credit score provider in the Philippines, providing innovative scoring solutions to the dynamic needs of banks, financial institutions, and credit bureaus. FinScore’s telco data credit scoring in the Philippines allows institutions to offer better services to existing customers, attract new ones, and approach untapped market segments. Through their Telco Scoring model, FinScore provides insights based on 400+ variables, including top-up patterns, voice, and mobile data usage, duration of calls, SIM card age, and many more.

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Media Contact
Miggy Villanueva,
Senior Marketing Manager, FinScore

FinScore is a financial technology company in the Philippines that offers a powerful credit scoring platform and fraud detection tools based on alternative data, including telco-based data. 

As the pioneer in lending and scoring of the unbanked, we continuously provide fintech services that empower financial institutions, banks, and credit bureaus with flexible platforms to help them make insightful and reliable credit decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions for financial institutions.