FinScore x Provenir 2022
FinScore x Provenir 2022

FinScore and Provenir partnership enables smarter credit decisioning

MANILA, Philippines, 10 August 2022 – FinScore continues its partnership with Provenir,  a global leader in AI-powered risk decisioning software. An alternative credit scoring company in the Philippines, FinScore utilizes proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology in its predictive models to help banks and other financial institutions reduce defaults, increase approval rates, and combat fraud. The partnership empowers financial services organizations in the Philippines to rapidly incorporate telco data and tap into the credit potential of the region’s unbanked through a prebuilt integration within Provenir’s low-code user interface. 

Fortifying their partnership is the recently concluded “Fintech: A People’s Revolution in the Philippines”, an invite-only luncheon at Okada Manila last July 5, 2022. Hosted by Provenir and Digital Pilipinas, the event gathered leading FinTech founders and C-Suites to discuss insights and ideas circling on the core topic, “The Power of Data: Making Any Business a Fintech Business”.

According to panelist, FinScore Country Manager and Chief Operations Officer Christo Georgiev, “Fintech should take advantage of alternative data and AI to ultimately improve financial inclusion in the Philippines.” Provenir echoed this sentiment as they shared how harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence can help advance any business in Fintech.

More than half of Filipino adults remain unbanked¹ — yet 99% own at least one smartphone². Using telco data as an alternative data source, FinScore can determine creditworthiness accurately and fairly, bridging the financial gap and making financial products more accessible and inclusive for the unbanked and underbanked. Its connection with Provenir will enable more financial organizations to access localized data through a fast, low-code integration. This partnership makes alternative data and AI accessible for businesses within and beyond Fintech.

To date, FinScore’s scoring models have powered the telco credit scores of more than 7 million Filipinos and over USD 1,000,000 million worth of loans disbursed.

FinScore has become the first company to determine the creditworthiness of 100% of mobile subscribers in the country— the highest market reach in the Philippine alternative credit scoring market.

Telco data analyzed by FinScore can provide a comprehensive picture of an individual’s creditworthiness, while reducing defaults, increasing approval rates, and avoiding fraudsters.


¹ Hilario, E. (2022, May 19). Number of unbanked Filipinos decreases as digital finance supports daily needs. Manila Bulletin.

² Statista. (2022, March 23). Share of internet users that owns tech devices Philippines Q3 2021, by type.

About Provenir

Provenir helps fintechs and financial services providers make smarter decisions faster with our AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Platform.

Provenir brings together the three essential components needed – data, AI and decisioning – into one unified risk decisioning solution to help organizations provide world-class consumer experiences. This unique offering gives organizations the ability to power decisioning innovation across the full customer lifecycle, driving improvements in the customer experience, access to financial services, business agility, and more.

Provenir works with disruptive financial services organizations in more than 50 countries and processes more than 3 billion transactions annually.

About FinScore

As the leading fintech company and credit score provider in the Philippines, FinScore provides innovative scoring solutions to the dynamic needs of banks, financial institutions, and credit bureaus. FinScore’s alternative credit scoring is based on 400+ variables of telco data, including top-up patterns, voice and mobile data usage, duration of calls, and SIM card age, among others.  

The FinScore scoring model allows institutions to offer better services to existing customers, attract new ones, and approach untapped market segments.  For more information, please visit

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