Elevate Financial Strategies with Telco Credit Data Analytics

Enhance lending decisions with our credit data analytics, revealing borrower inquiries across multiple institutions for smarter risk evaluation.

Telco Data Analytics
Why is telco data powerful in determining credit worthiness?

Bridging the Credit Data Gap with Reliable Analytics in the Philippines

The underbanked and unbanked populations often face the challenge of inadequate credit history, impeding their access to financial services.

FinScore’s CrediView leverages credit data analytics in the Philippines to address this gap by providing insights from telco-based credit scoring. This innovative tool enriches the financial landscape with detailed loan inquiry reports, allowing financial institutions to extend credit to a broader demographic, thereby fostering inclusive financial growth.

With CrediView, lenders can evaluate creditworthiness more effectively and offer more personalized services.

Harness Telco Data for Superior Credit Decisions

An add-on to FinScore’s Telco Credit Scoring, CrediView utilizes advanced telco credit data analytics to scrutinize telecommunications behaviors. Using the borrower’s number, clients can view their previous loan applications with help from FinScore’s more than 40 financial institution partners.

This analysis extends credit possibilities to underserved populations by incorporating additional flags into its evaluations, enriching traditional credit checks. It stands out by converting individual user data, including texting and data consumption patterns, into predictive scorecards.

This approach not only adheres to local data privacy regulations but also enables financial institutions to responsibly widen their lending spectrum, significantly reducing default risks and democratizing access to financial services for the unbanked and underbanked in the Philippines.

Credit Decisions

Efficiently Transform Credit Analysis with CrediView


GINI unlift on top up of teleco score
1 %


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shows recent loan inquiries from over 40 financial institutions in the Philippines
Credit Accesibility

Extend Credit to Unbanked

Opens up credit avenues for previously unreachable segments.

Aggregate Valuable Data

Collects and analyzes extensive lender data for insightful decisions.

Broaden Credit Accessibility with CrediView

Predict Defaulting Customers

Enhances risk assessment for more accurate predictions.

Increase Loan Approval Rates

Streamlines processes for higher approval efficiency.

Batch-Score Large Volumes

Efficiently evaluates numerous applications simultaneously.

Credit Accessibility 2

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