Cosmopolitan The Daily Gives FinScore the “Most Innovative Products in Alternative Credit Evaluation” Award

MANILA, Philippines, 02 March 2022  —  We are happy to announce that we have been awarded the “Most Innovative Products in Alternative Credit Evaluation – the Philippines”  by Cosmopolitan The Daily.

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With their continuous efforts in producing stories on business excellence, innovation, and creativity, Cosmopolitan The Daily organized the Business Awards, presenting organizations from both in the public and private sector, of any size, and of broad or niche markets.

FinScore is the first data analytics company in the Philippines to have successfully utilized telco data to provide insights to partner institutions, enabling them to extend credit and serve previously considered high-risk individuals. FinScore is also the largest alternative credit scoring provider in Southeast Asia, serving major banks and neobanks in the Philippines and delivered over six (6) million credit scores to customers. In fact, its successful data partnerships with the telco giants in the Philippines have empowered its credit scoring model with 100% Telco Market coverage, the first and only in the country.

FinScore has been focused on delivering alternative credit scoring that leverages advanced analytics, information technology, and best practices to help companies be more efficient and effective in generating business and customer insights that drive their critical business decisions in a cost-effective way. The core data science team has over eight (8) years of experience which made us equipped in developing and deploying solutions that address the growing needs of banks and financial institutions in terms of digitally transforming and optimizing their credit scoring processes.

Our winning solution, the Alternative Credit Evaluation Portal (ACE Portal), is a web-based platform that enables banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus, e-commerce, content, and marketing platforms to score their customer base and identity – in real-time. FinScore now makes its scoring tools readily accessible to businesses with the launch of the ACE scoring portal, offering Universal Credit Scores and powerful Fraud Prevention.

FinScore’s unique alternative credit scoring products are mainly from more than 400 variables (including call patterns, location, loyalty, transactions, behavior, profile, and social circle).  Powered by cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms such as Gradient Boosting and Neural Networks, it provides credit scoring products and advanced analytics which can uplift the prediction power of existing decisioning models or empower the acquisition of new customer segments by using Telco score as a standalone scoring model. Both can be easily integrated with the institution’s ecosystem as the platform is developed with a plug-and-play logic. 

About FinScore

FinScore (  is a financial technology and data analytics company specializing in alternative data-based scoring solutions. FinScore is the first fintech company in the Philippines to leverage alternative data, including telco data to score credit-invisible markets.

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    FinScore is a financial technology company in the Philippines that offers a powerful credit scoring platform and fraud detection tools based on alternative data, including telco-based data. 

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