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What are the Advantages of Alternative Credit Scoring?

In the Philippines, banks, lending companies, and other financial institutions often have limited appetite to approve loans to the credit-invisible. This is mainly because credit scoring in the Philippines still often relies on traditional methods, which results in a lack of customer data or history to assess creditworthiness. In this article, we tackle the major

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The Importance of Credit Risk Management in Banking

Banking operations inevitable comes with with a factor of risk. Risk can stem from failed or inadequate internal systems, policies due to employee errors, procedures, fraud, breaches, or external events that can disrupt the operations of a financial institution. One of the more prominent types of risk is credit risk. But what exactly is credit

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FinScore is Now Serving Welcome Bank (Rural Bank) with Alternative Data-Powered Credit Scoring and Fraud Prevention

FinScore, the Philippines-based alternative credit scoring provider, has partnered with Welcome Bank (Rural Bank) Inc., one of the Philippine subsidiaries of Korea’s Welcome Financial Group. Welcome Financial Group currently operates the fourth-largest savings bank in assets and 12 other subsidiaries in various financial sectors in Korea. Welcome Bank (Rural Bank), Inc. is able to receive

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FinScore empowers SB Finance with Telco Data Credit Scores to expand credit access to Filipinos

MANILA, Philippines, August 09, 2021 — To serve many Filipinos who lack a financial history, consumer lending company SB Finance has partnered with FinScore to enhance its credit scoring efforts using alternative data. Using FinScore’s Telco Credit Scoring Solution, SB Finance will be able to predict the creditworthiness of borrowers and assess their capability to

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Fraud Detection and Prevention in Ecommerce

The COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably one of the major causes of why online commerce has been on the rise. Think of any products and services, search them online, and you can avail them through their website or mobile app. However, since we do more online transactions, e-payments go in and out by millions and billions.

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What is Digital Scoring?

In an increasingly digital world, the Internet’s growth leaves traces of simple and easy-to-access information about almost everyone in the world—traces that many label as “digital footprints.” Even without writing content about oneself, providing social network data, or uploading financial information, the simple act of accessing or registering on a webpage leaves valuable information about

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predictive analytics using a variety of digitally linked variables

How Financial Predictive Analytics Empowers the Banking Sector

In recent years, processes within the financial industry have become more automated. These include customer services, fraud detection and prevention, credit scoring, and credit risk analysis. There is also plenty of evidence that artificial intelligence is making its way into the bank accounts of customers. For instance, in the Philippines, two out of five companies

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Tools for Detecting and Preventing Fraud

Types of Online Fraud and How to Prevent It

Consumer growth, high mobile penetration, and the increased confidence in relying on digital platforms and services are the driving factors of online business growth in Southeast Asia. However, online fraud is also on the rise. Vulnerabilities attract fraudsters and attackers and they see these as opportunities. Fraud attacks can affect the safety of your good

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FinScore is a financial technology company in the Philippines that offers a powerful credit scoring platform and fraud detection tools based on alternative data, including telco-based data. 

As the pioneer in lending and scoring of the unbanked, we continuously provide fintech services that empower financial institutions, banks, and credit bureaus with flexible platforms to help them make insightful and reliable credit decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions for financial institutions.


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